Hair removal can be performed using several methods like waxing, threading or shaving, or by the use of hair removal creams or lotions. Some of the latest innovations in hair removal include electrolysis hair removal technique and laser treatments.

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Many people off late are opting for a permanent hair removal technique like electrolysis for unwanted hair. Waxing is the most popular option, as it is less harsh on the skin as compared to shaving or hair removal lotions. Also, with waxing, the hair that re-grows is finer. You can easily get the unwanted hair removed at salons, spas, or by a physician who is licensed to perform laser hair removing technique.

Facial hair or body hair in excess gives a shoddy appearance. Thus, many people prefer to have it permanently removed. Permanent hair removal has become quite common now. Those who don’t like this option choose from the other options such as shaving, waxing and using hair removal creams.

Shaving- There are many electric shavers in the market that you can use to shave off body hair quite easily, safely and quickly. The only con to this method of getting rid of body hair is that there can be skin irritation and the hair that grows back is thicker and stubble-like.

Waxing- You can head to a salon for getting your body hair removed by the method of waxing. You can yourself do the waxing at home too. The wax used for the process, can be hot as well as cold. The hair that grows back in 4-6 weeks is finer than before, and the skin stays softer for a long period of time. Pre-waxed paper strips are becoming more and more popular nowadays as being a convenient way for hair removal.

Depilatories-These are hair removal lotions that you have to apply on your skin and wipe off with a stick-like object the hair removal box provides. This technique of removing body hair is quite safe and lasts from 1-4 days. These lotions and creams contain chemicals like thioglyocolic acid that dissolves the hair at the skin’s surface. The hair that grows back doesn’t come out thick.

Thus, compared to waxing and using hair removal lotions, shaving proves to be quite risky because with a razor you stand a risk of shaving cuts and bruises. Also, skin irritation is a possibility mostly from shaving. You must take care to not share your razor with anyone else.

Laser hair removal– You have to meet with a reputed dermatologist and set up an appointment for this kind of hair removal technique. There will be multiple laser treatment sessions held. With each session, 10-25% of the hair will be gone. Of course, the number of sessions required for total hair removal will depend on the size of the area that requires the treatment. Follow up sessions are required and also, keep in mind that you cannot go for tanning treatments up to 6 weeks before your first session of laser removal.

Tweezing and threading of hair is also quite common. However, this cannot be done for thick hair or a large area of hair.

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